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Membership Terms & Condition

1. The Club
1.1 The Club is a proprietary club owned by Sunstone Women Limited (“the Company”) whose primary object is to provide fitness, health, beauty and therapy services for women. The Company has appointed a managing team (“the Management” which expression shall include the Company officers) to be the manager and operator of the Club.

2. The Rules
2.1 These terms and conditions of Membership and any rules and regulations as may be issued and/or amended from time to time are together called “the Rules”.

2.2 Wherever under the Rules the Company or the Management has been granted a discretion, it shall be an absolute and sole discretion of the Company or the Management as the case may be which accordingly shall be under no obligation to give any reason or explanation as to the exercise or failure to exercise the discretion and the Company or Management may impose such conditions as it shall think fit in any particular case.

3. Acceptance of Membership
3.1 The Management has a discretion whether or not to accept the application for membership of the Club from any applicant. If an application for membership is accepted by the Management, membership of the Club by the applicant shall commence on the date of acceptance or such other date as the Management may approve.

3.2 Acceptance by the Management of an application for Membership of the Club shall constitute a binding agreement between the Company, the Management and the applicant subject to the Rules

4. Membership
4.1 Membership is personal to the Member and is non-assignable, non-transferable and non-refundable except as specified in the Rules. The Company may assign the Membership obligations and benefits to any party without notice or reference to any Member.

4.2 Each Member will be issued with a Membership or Identity Card bearing her number and/or other identification. The card must be presented upon each visit to the Club and in the absence of the card access may be refused. Upon termination or lapse of Membership the card should be returned to the Club.

5. Categories of Membership
5.1 Members shall be at least thirteen years of age. If under eighteen years, the consent of the parent or guardian shall be required who shall guarantee the obligations of the minor as if he or she, the parent or guardian, has contracted direct with the Company. The Management in its discretion may require the minor to be accompanied by a (female) adult.

5.2 Membership shall entitle the Member to use the Club facilities during the opening hours subject to availability, booking and payment of the appropriate fee or charge (if any) and subject to any limitations or restrictions applicable to the particular type of Membership (including without limitation as to days and times of use) and to any limitations or restrictions applicable to the Member (being on medical grounds or otherwise as the Management in its discretion may determine).

5.3 Any Member holding Membership under any joint, group or corporate membership scheme shall be subject to the same Rules as an individual Member save for any rules expressed for the joint, group or corporate membership which are inconsistent with or additional to the Rules. Upon any such joint, group or corporate Member ceasing to be a Member, the remaining joint, group or corporate Member or Members shall be required to pay Membership subscriptions thereafter at the rate applicable to an individual Member or to the number of joint, group or corporate Members then so remaining.

5.4 The Club is designated a Women’s Club and therefore Membership is open only to persons of the female sex.

6. Joining Fee, Administration Fee and Membership Subscriptions
6.1 Each Member shall pay a joining fee (unless waived by the Company). Any joining fee and any administration fee shall become due and payable immediately upon being accepted as a Member. If the Membership is declined by the Company any prepaid joining fee or administration fee shall be refunded in full. Membership must be continuous in order to avoid paying or paying again a joining fee and/or an administration fee at the rate applicable at the date of rejoining.

6.2 The Member shall pay the monthly subscription from the date the Member is accepted for Membership. The Membership subscription shall be payable irrespective of the actual usage of the Club or any change in personal circumstances and shall be debited to the Member’s bank account monthly or paid annually in advance as specified. The Membership shall continue unless terminated in accordance with the Rules.

6.3 Monthly and Annual Membership subscriptions may be increased by the Company from time to time but not more than once for an individual member in any period during the minimum period or periods reffered to in clause 7.2 below [save as relates to value added tax or any fiscal or similar charge or change in charge by central or local government, whereupon the Company may increase the subscriptions by up to the amount of that charge or increase in charge however many such charges or changes incur in any period or periods reffered to in clause 7.2 below.]. The Company shall give the Member not less than thirty days prior notice of any increase. Notice shall be deemed to have been given by display at the Club.

6.4 If a Member holds membership under the terms of a special offer, the subscriptions payable under the terms of that offer will cease to be applicable on the expiry of the term or terms expressed in the offer monthly or other periodic subscription rate will be increased to the ordinary membership rates chargeable at that time.

6.5 If a Member fails to pay any amount due from her for a period of more than thirty days, then the Management may pass the debt to a third party for collection. The reasonable costs incurred in employing the third party will be borne by the Member including costs in tracing the Member, should the Member have changed her address without informing the Club.

7. Termination and Cancellation of Membership
7.1 The Management may terminate the Membership without notice, with immediate effect and without refund of the joining fee, any administration charge and any unexpired subscription in the event of a Member committing a serious or repeated breach of the Rules or behaving in an abusive or otherwise unacceptable manner, either physically or verbally to members of staff or other members of the Club or visitors to the Club or if suspected by the Management of committing or having committed a criminal offence.

7.2 Membership (other than short term fixed membership) is for a minimum stated in the application form or online form or online description and continues unless and until terminated by the receipt by the Club of not less than one month’s written notice. In the case of monthly subscriptions the notice shall be treated as having expired one month after the next due date for payment of the subscription monies immediately following the Club’s receipt of the notice. The due date is the calendar monthly anniversary of the date upon which membership commenced and is not the collection date of the subscription which may be before or after the due date.

8. Transfer and Suspension of Membership
8.1 At any time a Member may seek to transfer a Membership (other than a fixed short-term Membership) to a person nominated by her in in writing and in accordance with the Rules. If accepted for Membership the transferee shall assume all responsibility for Membership under the Rules. A transfer charge and administration fee at the rate in force at the date of the transfer shall be payable. Membership may only be transferred once in any period of twelve months.

8.2 Upon written application by the Member to the Club, the Management may in its discretion and subject to terms, including a charge or charges payable, agree to freeze Membership (other than a fixed short-term Membership) on medical, employment or other grounds approved by the Management in any particular case and at its discretion for such duration as it approves, but in any event for no less than a period of one month. No freezing shall be granted for any holiday, short-term illness or indisposition or other reason not considered suitable by the Management. Whilst frozen, direct debits will continue and the Membership shall be extended by the duration of the freezing upon the Member returning to the Club, provided always that no less than a total of twelve months Membership subscriptions shall have been paid. Any extension arising from the freezing of Membership is personal and non-transferable.

9. Medical
9.1 The Member warrants and represents that she is in good physical and mental condition and that she is fit to engage in active or passive exercise and that any such exercise will not be detrimental to her health, safety, comfort or physical condition.

9.2 The Member undertakes if her physical or mental condition changes adversely, to immediately notify the Management of the same and to refrain from continued active or passive exercise without the approval of the Management.

9.3 The Member acknowledges that she has read, understood and agreed to any further rules referable to medical issues and will comply with the same whether made generally or specifically relating to one or more [but not all] Members.

10. Disclaimer
10.1 Neither the Company nor the Management shall be liable for any loss, damage, or theft of any personal property belonging to the Member or any guest occurring upon the Club premises or in the car park adjacent thereto.

11. Facilities and Opening Hours
11.1 Not all facilities, services (including classes) or equipment is available to each Member or alternatively may not be available without charge. The Management reserves the right to alter, suspend, cancel or remove any facility, services or equipment at its discretion.

11.2 The hours and days when the Club is open are represented in good faith to the Member upon joining and from time to time thereafter. The Management reserves the right to alter the opening hours and days and adjust the facility schedules whether for purposes of cleaning, decorating, maintenance, repairs, staff and Management training or for special functions or holidays or otherwise as the Management sees fit. In addition, the Management reserves the right to close the Club or suspend any facilities therein for up to an aggregate of twenty-one working days [or longer in case of emergency or other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Management] in any year for refurbishment or other works at its discretion.

12. General
12.1 The Company and the Management reserve the right to vary, revoke or add to these Rules from time to time at their absolute discretion. Notice of the same or of any matter of general concern to Members may be given by display at the Club premises and need not be notified personally or individually to the Member.

12.2 Any dispute or difference which may arise in the interpretation of the Rules shall be determined by the Company whose decision shall be final. The failure of the Management or the Company to enforce any of their rights at any time shall not be construed as a waiver of any such rights.

Updated – 28 December 2012