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Dear Shelly,

Thank you for your email. I appreciate it is probably a standard email, but I think it is
a really nice touch and reassures me, yet again, of my impression about Sunstone. I
thought I would take this opportunity to give you some feedback.

I am shamefully unfit and had been trying to convince myself for years to join a gym.
After recent health concerns I decided that, however much I dreaded the thought,
it was now a necessity. I have been surprised at how much I have been enjoying
coming to Sunstone. The staff are a huge part of this. I very much appreciate having
an instructor to guide me (when I had tried to join a gym before I was left to my own
devices to figure things out, such as how to use the equipment). I am particularly
happy to have been allocated Bonnie as my instructor. She is really fantastic. On
the first day, she listened to my specific health concerns and has worked with me to
devise a workout which I will not only be able to cope with, but which will actually
tackle my specific problems. She has a great sense of humour and makes me feel
relaxed and “at home” at Sunstone. She is a real professional who is clearly dedicated
to her work, yet still manages to keep her human side and crack jokes at the same

I have also been attending classes twice a week (Pilates with Helen) and once again,
these have been going surprisingly well. Helen is very personable and there is a very
good atmosphere in these classes. I realise it is very early days still, but I believe
that I will end up enjoying the whole, friendly atmosphere and very down-to-earth,
non-”posey” feel of Sunstone.

The reception staff are also very helpful, but I have not had so many dealings with
them. All in all, I am so happy to have eventually made the decision to join and my
only regret is not having done so sooner (especially seeing as I live just round the
corner). I do hope you will be be able to relay my positive feedback to your staff
because they are the ones who, on a day to day basis, are making my experience at
Sunstone what it is.

I also feel a lot less self-conscious because there are women of all shapes and sizes
and ages there, then please do so. I am an overweight and unfit 42 year old and one
of my biggest hang ups was the thought that Sunstone would be populated by young,
super slim, fit and beautiful 20 something year olds! I was so wrong.

With very best wishes,



“I was recently told by my doctor that my body was not producing thyroid and my pituitary reading was well off the chart. They said given these blood readings ” I should be in a coma” I said I attributed my endurance to working out at Sunstone gym three times a week for the past 18 years.” FP


“The first member of staff I met was receptionist Natalie. She was very friendly and pleasant to meet… Natalie advised me about the free parking at the rear of the gym. I did not know about this prior to my visit , and was grateful for the information.”

Kirsta Brown

“Sunstone is the place I come to relax and have time for myself.  The staff are always welcoming and the atmosphere is friendly.  The range of classes is great and the instructors encouraging.”

Rachel Harrison

“What would I do without Sunstone?  I work for myself and Sunstone provides an excellent relief from hard work at my office.  Thanks to the staff and opportunities at Sunstone I am now very fit and I enjoy it.  Its also a community hub, people are friendly, the staff make a lovely cup of coffee, and I always feel cheered and energised to face the rest of the day.  I have been a member for 5 years & intend to stay.”


Diet Club: “I have always been pretty sceptical about diets, especially the ones that are very restrictive or where your life is spent counting calories and weighing food. This is perhaps the reason that I had never been on one before! But after years of eating and drinking a healthy but unrestricted diet I had gradually put on weight and felt that I needed to do something about it….

Thomson’s Diet Club has been brilliant for me. I lost over 1 stone in 3 months and my size 14 jeans that used to be tight at the waist are now too big for me. My eating and drinking habits have changed gradually without me really noticing and I don’t crave any of fattening foods that I used to. Meeting with Val on a weekly basis has also really helped to keep me motivated. I have been so happy with diet club that I have continued with a second course of 3 months to keep me on the ‘straight and narrow’!”

Kate Evans

Diet Club: “I signed up for PT with Deona du Plessis to make my gym visits more effective, to lose some weight I’d gained while I was away traveling, to tone up and become more flexible.

PT sessions with Deona have really helped me to achieve my goals.
I have lost a dress size, 5kg so far in total and feel great!

Having a PT session with Deona once a week really sets up my fitness regime for the rest of the week and motivates me to continue to follow the gym workout plan given to me by her on my own. I find I now use my time in the gym more effectively, and feel that I do a proper workout every time I go. I have really noticed my body changing and toning up as a result.

The food plan completes the lifestyle approach of the PT sessions. It has generally been fairly easy and straightforward to follow, and although there have been a few lapses along the way, it has enabled me to lose the weight I wanted to.’ I have lost 5kg so far.”

Emma Rowett

Diet Club: “I joined the Thomson Diet Club in June feeling very low and despondent about my weight and body image. and I know feel great!

I was finding it very difficult to get my eating and exercise back on track after about 2 years of just not caring. I have never been able to diet, as I always felt deprived of something. The Thomson Diet Club is perfect as it is not a diet as such, but more an eating plan, and a way of life.

With my adviser’s guidance, I have managed to totally change my relationship with food and have lost a stone.

It wasn’t difficult to stick to the menu’s set out every week; I am actually eating more now than before I started the Thomson Diet! (Just the right things!) Being weighed and measured weekly was also a great motivation to stay focused.

Deona was really supportive and encouraging which helped me take it seriously.

I am healthy and full of energy. This has effected so many areas of my life, not just physical, but also mental. I also realised how much I love exercise and being active. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants change their eating habits and lose weight.

Penny Hembrow

Diet Club: “I have tried many diets over the years, at first I was very dubious about paying upfront for the Thomson’s Diet, but over the 6 weeks of coming I have not had to wait while other people got weighed and talked to and also I have not been talked into buying books or food that have not helped me.

The whole half an hour is about me and no one else. Sue is very enthusiastic and encouraging with my Diet.

So far I have lost 11lbs in 6 weeks and I haven’t felt hungry, tired or irritable.The food is great for work or home and is very healthy.”