Complementary Therapies

Affordable Acupuncture Clinic

Sunstone is proud to present our Affordable Acupuncture Clinic held every
Wednesday afternoon between 2-5pm.

Members and non-members can take advantage of low-cost treatment with our
experienced acupuncturist, Diane Timewell.

The aim of the Affordable Clinic is to offer access to quality acupuncture treatment
for women who are restricted by the cost of private treatment and for those who
require regular treatment over a period of time to really get better.

How do I access the Affordable Clinic?

Before accessing the affordable clinic, each patient receives a private one-to-one
initial consultation, which includes a detailed discussion of your symptoms, your
medical history and your general health. You will also receive your first acupuncture
treatment in private. This is an hour session and is priced on a sliding scale (£45-25).

Patients can then access the Affordable Clinic where a maximum of 2 other ladies
may be present in the large, relaxing treatment room. Appointments are staggered
every 20 minutes so whilst you are being seen, another lady may be already relaxing
into her treatment.

What does it cost?

Sessions in the Affordable Clinic cost £25.

For more information or to book a session:

Please contact reception on 020 7923 1991
or use the contact form below.

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