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Described by Health and Fitness magazine as “one of the most tranquil pools in London”, our swimming pool is the perfect environment for your child to have its first experiences with water.

We are born with an affinity to water and unless we are regularly exposed to it, can develop a fear of it – the ability to swim is a gift for life

Most leisure centres begin baby classes from 6 months onwards (the Mammalian Diving
Response is at its strongest in babies up to 6 months) but at SplashBabies you can begin
as soon as you feel comfortable (even after a few days of the birth).

Each course runs for a duration of 1 lesson per week (30 minutes) for 5 weeks. This is so that there is no long term commitment. Parents are invited to renew at the end of each term.

Useful info:

  • Babies (0-1yr) and Toddlers (1-4yr) progress through stages as their ability improves.
  • Courses need to be pre-booked through our office and your name is added to the register.
  • Our pools are heated to a minimum of 31 degrees C
  • Babies must wear swim nappies (available from the Sunstone Shop).
  • A parent/carer is required in the pool with the child at all times.
  • Mothers / carers are asked to wear a swim hat whilst in the pool.

Swimming lessons and swim relax and fun time

As well as adult lessons, we also offer lessons for babies and toddlers, free swim sessions for mother and little ones, and mother and daughter swims. Also a variety of mother and toddler free swim sessions, water-aerobics classes for exercise and fun.

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Pool Class Timetable. Pool classes are free to members including day members. Click here to view Pool Class Timetable.